To Do List

These are the games I’m currently playing with the hopes of finishing one day.

Blade & Soul – A new MMORPG I picked up. The combat in the game is pretty neat and fills my craving for action for now. I’m not very far into the game and haven’t really tried much PvP. I want to play Black Desert Online too and since that’s coming out soon, I’ll probably try that before getting too much further into this game.

blade and soul game

Xcom: Enemy Unknown – This game is so hard! I only play it occasionally because it beats me up so badly. The amount of people that have died is really depressing.

xcom enemy unknown game

Witcher III: The Wild Hunt – I can see why this won game of the year at so many places. It’s truly a masterpiece. There’s a lot of times I try not to play this game because when I do, I get massively sucked in. Like I’ll play a little after dinner and stay up until 4 AM. There’s so much to see and explore. Geralt and I just made it to Novigrad pretty recently and that place is massive!

witcher 3 the wild hunt game

Pillars of Eternity – The writing in this game is so good! I want to play it more, but all of these other pesky games keep getting in the way. Grieving Mother is a really cool character and has been a pretty great addition to my party. The combat is really solid too, though sometimes frustrating. I wonder if I’ll ever get to the expansions for this…

pillars of eternity game