Imgur is My New Reddit

For a long time I’ve been on reddit. I made my first account seven years ago. Seven! That’s crazy. And I still come back from time to time. But my usage of reddit has changed over the years. What started as a catchall for news, comedy, discussion, and more has basically turned into a place I see funny or amazing things occasionally.

imgur vs reddit

I do use subreddits much more now than I did back when reddit was still a young and hungry beast. It’s really the only way to declutter my front page. But even then I started gravitating to the usage I described above. Reddit became less about news and more about entertainment. On that note, I’ve never really enjoyed anywhere as a news source.

It’s tough because /r/worldnews for example, is a great place in general. However, there’s too much noise for me even though that news isn’t irrelevant in general. And it’s tough to divide that further into lots of little individual subreddits because then my information gets to be too niche. I don’t really know how to solve that problem, but hopefully someone will one day.

News isn’t the point though. The point is my change in usage of reddit has made Imgur my new best friend. It’s basically everything I use reddit for, with entertainment and memes but straight from the source. More importantly, the Imgur community who votes on the top images seem to align more closely with my tastes. There’s a bit more of a general approach on Imgur as opposed to some random subreddits making their way to the top of reddit. I understand that being exposed to new things can be exciting, but it simply doesn’t fit my usage of these websites. It also means these random things “go viral” on Imgur, which is both annoying and a whole other topic.

Imgur also strikes me as more efficient. It’s not as conversation driven as reddit and what it loses there, it gains in improved navigation. On Imgur arrow keys are really all I need. On reddit, I need to download RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite) to get close to something I’m OK using. I’ll usually see a few good comments at the top of an Imgur image and be pretty satisfied. Reddit I’ll usually see a tired meme, but sometimes the conversations get really deep. It makes reddit more forum-like, and in the process slows things down and impedes my guilty pleasure entertainment.

Reddit is certainly more of a complete experience. There are lively discussions (assuming the subreddit is small enough to get overridden with circle jerking or garbage noise) and a wealth of non-image content. Obviously Imgur is simply an image site, albeit including animated images as well. But there is much beauty in simplicity and when it comes to some simple entertainment that is equal parts silly and clever, reddit is no match for Imgur.

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